About us
Virtual Software House is a team of passionate developers, transcending boundaries across various industries with VR, MR, AR, XR, and Spatial Computing. From applications to games, we craft solutions that turn concepts into reality, enhancing efficiency and creativity. We drive progress through R&D efforts, while our tailored approach to clients unlocks the full potential of emerging technologies.
Our philosophy
Our philosophy
Our goal is to empower people with new possibilities by technology. We believe in creating excellent projects, passionately excelling in what we do best.
Our values
We prioritize customer care and build relationships based on trust. We strive to highlight the values we cherish in our projects, ensuring that our work reflects the essence of who we are.
We have heads full of ideas and plenty of energy to carry them out. We approach problems with openness and we are inspired the world around us.
Primarily, we are humans. We strive to meet the challenges and determine reasonable solutions together. We are honest with ourselves and our customers, we tell it like it is.
The changes taking place in the world have not been the work of one man or a small team for a long time. We are reaching high and looking for partners ready to travel with us to a interesting places.
We do not follow a set path. We want to create out-of-box solutions and take a step forward every time. We reach higher to perfect our designs.
Combination of these values translates into a commitment that we put into every area of our activity.
Game room & events
For 3 years we ran an electronic theme park and organized events with VR technology. By animating the entertainment in the best games, we were able to observe patterns of user behaviour. It gives us a real picture on human reactions in virtual reality and the constant desire to improve.
Concept development
We create or analyse an existing idea. We create the basis for an interesting and profitable project.
Defining the scope of the project
We analyse customer needs and existing solutions. We select the technology and define the scope of work.
Project design
Based on the concept and scope we move on to create a detailed project plan.
Graphic design and programming
From a base to a full-fledged product. During the implementation we model, create interfaces, program.
Delivery of the product
We prepare the application for its publication. We test it, provide the necessary materials and release it to the world
Maintenance and support
After the release we provide technical support and updates if needed
Our team in the Tefal's VR training application
"Working with Virtual House has been a pleasure. It is a team of young ambitious people working with passion and commitment. I am very impressed with the creativity and patience in reaching the goal."
Groupe SEB
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